About Us

Founded in 2014, Hotelcontractor.com is a global database that helps its users locate qualified vendors and products for the hotel industry.

Based in the US where most of the hotel franchises' headquarters are located, Hotelcontractor.com is set to become the biggest database of supply and service companies in the hotel industry worldwide.

Our visitors are the main decision makers when it comes to specifying product, buying product in the hotel industry worldwide.


Our Mission

Hotelcontractor.com takes over the stress of finding the right product or installer for any size hotel project, ANYWHERE!!!


One Stop Shop for the Hospitality Industry

Hotelcontractor.com is user friendly and accommodates any size company. We have packages that allow a company to post between one to an unlimited amount of products and services. Millions of products for millions of users!!!

Companies can create their own website in within Hotelcontractor.com in minutes and be visible worldwide by millions of potential clients! Now, for the first time, small businesses can put their products or services in front of purchasers and decision makers in the hospitality industry!



Feature services of HotelContractor.com


For Buyers

For Suppliers

* Sourcing
* Qualified suppliers recommedation

* Consulting
* Inspection
* Take off and CAD drawing
* Quality control
* Package purchase                      
* Logistic
* Special trading service














* Product image online display
* Keywords ranking
* Supplier exclusive home page
* Web page maintenance support
* Buyer access information
* Bid
* Supplier training course
* Catalogue display in the US exhibition center
* Supplier information certification
* Periodical advertisement
* Buyer meeting
* Exhibition and marketing service of US exhibition center
* Supplier recommendation
* Trade docking service
 - Sharing of latest trend of US hospitality industry
 - Buyers qualification and credit examination
 - The 3rd party services








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