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 Sell Natural color stone paint art wall paint 2017-12-28
Product:Colorful imitation stone paint
Description:Natural stone wall paint product features:
1. Absolute safety factor. Adopt natural color sand, and stone material, ceramic tile compared, weight light, won't increase building load pressure, do not have the danger of shedding.
2. Unique artistic taste. The decorative effect is comparable to granite, the pattern is beautiful, the color is not faded. Alternative products of traditional stone materials.
3. Light construction materials. Reduce the safety of the load building and reduce the labor intensity for the construction site workers.
4. Good construction performance. Any surface and complex shape base building can be constructed.
5. Decorative pattern can be created by personality. Can according to customer need construction pattern, changeful grain.
6. The adhesion is durable, the color is strong, and the self-cleaning ability is good.
7. Low cost, minimum service life of more than 20 years, renovation is also convenient, always fashionable and trendy.
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Useage:Wall decoration
Material:Color sand, Polymeric polymeric resin,
Color:Color can be customized
Surface:natural color sand
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