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 Air & Surface Disinfectant Units 2018-06-05
Product:Odorox Hydroxyl Processors
Description:Odorox units are the only patented Hydroxyl Processors equipped to reduce the toughest odors, bacteria, viruses and airborne mold spores by 99.99% without the use of any chemicals. This is the ideal preventative solution for facilities where people and pathogens don’t mix well. There is plenty of white paper data from world renown testing facilities that provide proof of its safety and kill claims. If controlling odors and the spread of deadly infections are a constant battle at your facility, you need an ODOROX!

Hydroxyls are the second strongest oxidant in the world behind fluorine and are also much smaller than ozone, thus they can penetrate any porous material that absorbed the odor. This means hydroxyls can eliminate odors, bacteria, viruses and VOCs better than conventional methods.
Useage:Specially designed UV lights and the proprietary chamber they reside in break apart water to create one hydrogen atom(H) and one hydroxyl radical (OH) which react with humidity as they exit the machine. This is done through a process called hydrogen abstr
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