10 inch Classic Battery-Operated LED Picture Light


  • Battery Versatility—Runs on 4 C-Cell batteries for cordless art lighting for over 50 hours
  • Vintage Design—Recalls a classic design with its elegant rounded shade
  • Picture-Perfect™ LEDs—Livens artwork in warm LED light rated at 90+ CRI
  • Remote Function —Sculpts light design remotely with its included IR controller
  • Environmentally Friendly —Lasts for up to 50,000 hours with mercury-free Cocoweb LEDs

A traditional design reimagined with the latest LED lighting technology, Cocoweb’s 10” Cordless Classic Picture Lights are an enlightening update to vintage art lighting design. Handcrafted to match galleries of any style, these modern wireless picture lights enrich artwork in vivid LED lighting, bringing colors to life in a warm glow.

Vintage Style

The elegance of the Classic Art Light is rooted in its vintage design: capturing the nostalgia of classic art lighting, the neat rounded shade of this lamp is unadorned except for its glowing antique brass finish. No garish displays disrupt the style of the Classic; this art light is made to accentuate art, its finish matching works done in the style of Classical art.

Picture-Perfect™ LEDs Bring Paintings to Life

The Classic’s array of 12 low-voltage LED nodes shines in an absolutely vivid light, saturating artwork in the very richest color. Cocoweb LEDs operate at a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of above 90, a museum-grade illumination that colors reds, yellows, and blues in full radiance. In addition, our LEDs are also rated at a Color Temperature of 2700 Kelvin, a warm glow reminiscent of the early morning sun. However, where fully natural sunlight discolors artwork because of its high levels of ultraviolet radiation, Cocoweb LEDs provide vivid illumination without the radiation, accenting artwork in picture perfection.

Cuts the Cord from Traditional Lighting

In an improvement upon our celebrated design, our newest Classic Picture Lights are completely wireless: this 10” model runs on 4 C-Cell batteries, an independent source of power that cuts the cord from cumbersome traditional picture lighting design. These batteries open up a new realm of possibility for gallery arrangement, liberated from the constraints of power outlets and junction boxes. Batteries are installed in the Classic’s base panel, which in turn is mounted directly upon the casing of one’s painting as an elegant source of frame lighting.

Wireless Remote Capabilities

To get the most out of its fully wireless frame, the Classic can be tuned through the use of a Cocoweb-exclusive infrared remote control. This handheld device allows for remote operation of the light from up to 30 feet away using a unique IR signal coded to each picture light, enabling one to power the lamp on and off, set a timer of operation of up to 6 hours, and adjust brightness from 10% to 100%.

Clean Operation

In an effort to preserve the natural world, the entirety of Cocoweb’s line of LED Art Lights run in complete energy efficiency: Cocoweb LEDs are all tested to last up to 50,000 hours while consuming only a fraction of the power of incandescent and halogen bulbs. In fact, our LEDs are some of the cleanest lighting fixtures on the market, containing none of the toxic mercury present many other forms of lighting, art and otherwise. Additionally, through their independent power source, our battery picture lights are especially eco-friendly as they lessen the strain placed upon power plants and therefore reduce carbon emissions in the environment.

10 inch Classic Battery-Operated LED Picture Light

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