Illuminated Planters & Lighted Flower Pots

Illuminated Planters are an up-and-coming, ultra chic modern accessory in commercial design. Using a smart combination of form and function, these modern lighted planters accent your design space while providing a functional light source. Lighted flower pots are well suited to a range of interior and EXTERIOR applications including along pool decks and walkways, or encircling courtyards and rotundas.

Interior/Exterior Illuminated Planters, brought to you by Planters Unlimited, give architects and designers the combined, brilliant elements of design and light - all in one. These lighted flower pots come in various shapes, sizes and colors, and are built from a range of innovative materials.

Also, each of these modern lighted planters has a fully reinforced fiberglass inner liner that handles your planting soil and drainage. Click on individual product icons below for more detailed information on particular styles. 

Illuminated Planters & Lighted Flower Pots

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