Quartz  Production

Excellent® Quartz slabs are compacted by a special vacuum and vibration process at a pressure of 100 tons, after that getting heated to 90°C in the curing kiln which gives them the ultimate strength and solidity.  

Slab Storage and handing
1.The polish surface must not exposed to the sun . 
2.  Slabs should be stored on a 150 angle with support at stop and bottom of the steel “A” frame.
3. All racking should have a protective layer between the rack and the slabs. This will help to prevent scratching or other surface damage during storage or transit.
4. Gloves, Safety Shoes should be worn while handling Excellent® Quartz.




Quartz Production

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Manufacturing process1. Feeding and mixing 2. Molding and pressing 3. Curing 4. Polishing 5. Quality Testing


Excellent® Quartz

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